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Happy Birthday, Baby Emmie!

Friday, June 17th, 2011

My baby turns one today. She is still such a baby. She says “Mamamamamama” but I don’t think she knows what it means. She still fits in her infant car seat, although it’s getting close. She has 1.75 teeth. Of course, she will always be my baby (I, the older sister, am still my mother’s baby) but she’s also so big: she was standing, leaning against me and suddenly let go and threw her hand up in the air as if to say “Ta Da!”. She drinks almost no bottles now – just one in the morning and evening and sippy cups during the day. She loves to read books and turn the pages. Whenever she hears Paul Simon, she starts bobbing up and down and waving her little fist (thumb out like a hitchhiker).

I haven’t been taking many pictures of her lately because I don’t want to step away from her long enough to pick up the camera. I just want to drink in her dark blue eyes, the curve of her cheek and her sweet little voice. Whenever I grab the camera, I get 3-4 shots and then she sees it and the moment is lost. The pictures are important but so is a little cuddle and some squeals.

Baby Sign Language Adventures

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

Emmie has been learning sign language for a while now from the day care and us. She knows more and milk. What’s funny is that I can never be sure if she’s signing or doing something else. When she does ‘more’, it looks like clapping with only her fingers touching and when she signs ‘milk’ it looks like she’s trying to grab for something. Lately she has decided not to use ‘more’ at all and just screams at me and then waves when I ask if she wants more.

I do love it, though because it helps me figure out why she’s crying. She doesn’t say any real words yet but she understands a lot.

One quick note, I’ve been trying to figure out how to do comments. If someone comments, should I comment back on the same post or email them directly? I’m thinking I should comment on the post and then email the particular person my comment.

I love you more each morning

Monday, March 28th, 2011

Lately I’ve been a little grumpy and tired and feel the need for a break so I’d like to remind myself why I’m doing all this. Why I clean up the toys and cook meals and buy expensive shoes.

It’s for this and this, and most of all, this

(I can’t embed pictures from Shutterfly in by blog)

Every morning Emmie wakes up a little cranky but after about five minutes (and some nursing) she is all smiles and squeals. She wiggles on the changing table and tries to get away from me while I put on her coat. She stares at people on the bus on the way to daycare and on the way home. I love using the baby pack because I get to have her so close to me for that time. We share body heat and I cover her little feet with the edges of my coat. When we arrive she immediately wants down to crawl and explore and find new things to put in her mouth. Before I leave, though, she makes sure we get a little nursing session to hold her over (and me, too) until I come back.

Those cheeks, those eyes, that hair, they make my heart beat and my eyes water.

I love you, baby girl.

My attempt at humor

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

One of the things I struggle with in having a blog is what sorts of things to write about. I don’t like to post things about other people without asking so most of my posts are about myself and to me, they’re boring. My favorite blogs are the funny mommy ones that have silly stories of things they did or happened to them. I feel like I’m funny in person (or at least, people laugh at/with me a lot) but my writing not so much. Part of it is trying to keep some sort of sophisticated image but that’s all out the window as soon as people meet me. So here it goes:

This morning I sneezed on my daughter’s face.

I take her in the front pack to daycare on the bus most mornings. We are quite a picture, I’m sure. I have her on the front under my giant purple coat and her backpack on my back. We take up 2 seats. This morning I had her all bundled in her red snow suit in the pack and I was opening the closet to get my coat and I sneezed. Now, if you know me, I don’t sneeze little. I sneeze more like my father every year. A big, wet whoosh. Also, when I sneeze, my head automatically tilts down. Right into the smiling face of my little girl. She smirked and blinked at me. Apparently she didn’t mind. I wiped off her face and we went on our way to the bus. I feel bad, but she is the little stinker who got me sick in the first place.

Oh, So Cute!

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

It’s hard to know what to write. Emmie is such a good baby that it’s hard to complain. Of course, this doesn’t mean that I’m a great mom (as witnessed this morning when I was flying down the street because I had forgotten to give the daycare the bottle nipples) but I do pretty well. Mostly, I want to write about how cute she is and all the funny things she does. I don’t have pictures of these things but I’m going to try to tell you about them anyway. These are all things that other babies probably do, too, but they’re still cute!

  • When she was younger, and sometimes even now, she would get so excited about eating that she would bang her face on the breast.

  • When I make munching noises, she opens her mouth wide like she’s going to swallow me. Sometimes she does this to other people, too.
  • She will get herself all worked up for food that she won’t notice it’s already in her mouth.
  • She sleeps with both hands behind or above her head and her legs splayed out.
  • Sometimes she will whimper and cry softly in her sleep. Olinga says she’s having bad dreams about the birth.
  • She loves to stand. All the time. Since she can’t do it by herself, it can be a little wearing on the arms.
  • She has ridiculously sensitive skin. I have started rubbing her down with vaseline every night and morning in addition to her diaper cream and cortisone for her neck and other creases. She is so shiny and greasy afterwards that it’s hard to get her dressed.
  • She LOVES to get her diaper changed. It’s her favorite. She smiles and laughs and moves her legs around until it’s impossible to get the diaper and cream on her.

For pictures, you can check out this site my mom set up:
I haven’t updated it recently but it has pictures from our trip to Portland, OR in September. I can’t imbed the pictures from Shutterfly here so I may be referring to the site if I continue posting.

Should I write up the story of her birth? I like to read those but I don’t know if everyone does. Also, it might be a little icky.

Welcome to the world

Saturday, July 10th, 2010

Here is Emmanuelle Elaine Abbott:

She was born (2 weeks early) on June 17, 2010. 7 lbs 1oz.