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Hiding Under the Couch

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

I discovered that some desk drawers from Ikea fit under my new Ikea couch. Yes, most of my furniture is from Ikea. Ok, all of my furniture is from Ikea. I put some of my knitting supplies in the drawers so that I have access to them but they are still hidden by the couch skirt. (Yes, that is a towel on the couch. My wonderful little girl barfed on the couch 3 weeks ago and I only got around to bringing the cushion covers to the dry cleaners 2 days ago.)


Between toys and books and knitting, the living room is usually a mess. I always like coming up with ways to contain the clutter. Little household hacks like this are my favorite thing. I always feel so clever and awesome when I think of them. I have a lot of them, too so I may start sharing more.