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It’s a Butterfly Party!

Tuesday, September 16th, 2014


I told Emmie we had to do something fun together and after she cried and whined for tv for 10 minutes*, she came up with a butterfly party. We gathered together all our butterflies** and made a banner. Then we put on our fairy wings*** and Emmie sang a song about butterflies. Finally, we threw them up in the air and danced around. It was pretty spectacular.

*She’s super obsessed with a movie on Netflix about Disney villains with ghost stories. If you know Emmie, this isn’t surprising.

**What, you don’t have butterflies just sitting around?

***And fairy wings?

Coffee, I wronged you

Thursday, September 11th, 2014

I quit coffee because I would get terrible headaches when I didn’t have coffee so I would have to drink it even when I wasn’t tired. Turns out the headaches were not from caffeine withdrawal. 2 weeks in and I’m still getting headaches. The coffee was treating the headaches!

I think the headaches are from stress, which I store in my neck and shoulders just in case I need it later. Exercise can help so I definitely need to start that again. Also, relaxation. So, how do I relax? I don’t, really. Watching TV is relaxing but it wears off immediately. Massage relaxes me completely and lasts for a while but can be expensive.

How do you relax?