Meals of Corn

I took pictures of things I cooked on 2 different days and realized there is a theme. See if you can pick up on it:

CornCorn Bread

Yes, corn. Lots of corn.

The corn on the cob is from my CSA box and was amazingly delicious. I tried to buy some at the farmer’s market, too, but they were all out by the time I got there. I took a picture so you could see the weird mutant corn. It looked like 2 cobs had grown together. Weird.

I make a pan of cornbread several times a week. The recipe I use has no sugar or yeast so I can eat as much as I want. This picture shows it after O has had a bowlful (he eats it in milk). That particular one lasted 1.5 days.

I still have some random vegetables left over that I wasn’t sure what to do with. Now I think I’m going to make a cucumber dip and cut up the yellow pepper and cauliflower and just have them around at work for snacks. I sometimes get hungry around 10am and need a snack.

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