My attempt at humor

One of the things I struggle with in having a blog is what sorts of things to write about. I don’t like to post things about other people without asking so most of my posts are about myself and to me, they’re boring. My favorite blogs are the funny mommy ones that have silly stories of things they did or happened to them. I feel like I’m funny in person (or at least, people laugh at/with me a lot) but my writing not so much. Part of it is trying to keep some sort of sophisticated image but that’s all out the window as soon as people meet me. So here it goes:

This morning I sneezed on my daughter’s face.

I take her in the front pack to daycare on the bus most mornings. We are quite a picture, I’m sure. I have her on the front under my giant purple coat and her backpack on my back. We take up 2 seats. This morning I had her all bundled in her red snow suit in the pack and I was opening the closet to get my coat and I sneezed. Now, if you know me, I don’t sneeze little. I sneeze more like my father every year. A big, wet whoosh. Also, when I sneeze, my head automatically tilts down. Right into the smiling face of my little girl. She smirked and blinked at me. Apparently she didn’t mind. I wiped off her face and we went on our way to the bus. I feel bad, but she is the little stinker who got me sick in the first place.

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