New Year’s Checkup

I thought I’d try a monthly check but I’m going to be very busy next week so I’ll do it early this time.

  • Work on my skin: I have been using olive oil to clean like it says here (via Lacey). My skin feels awesome but has a few issues.
    • It’s still a little red. I don’t want to use my rosacea cream because it has all that bad stuff in it and that’s the whole point. I may get a minerals powder or something but I would have to reapply all day and that is annoying.
    • It’s very dry when I get out of the shower. For now, I just put more olive oil on it. That seems ok.
    • I have all these weird white things coming off my skin when it’s dry after I a shower. I’m not sure what it is. Dry skin? Old, dead skin? Do I need a facial? This is why I went to the oil to begin with.
  • Get my teeth in shape: This is hit or miss. I’ll do it for a few days and then stop. I don’t have a good way to remind myself before I’m exhausted.
  • Eat more on the weekends: You know, I haven’t really be all that starving on the weekends. I do eat a lot during the week but on the weekends I eat like a normal person. I think this one is ok. I am definitely making sure I am eating when I need to.
  • Exercise sometimes: I have used the Wii Fit 3-4 times this year and went on 0 walks with my husband. I have been willing but he’s been busy. Of course, if you count errand runs, then 1.

So, I think not too too bad. I am making progress, I think, but I could step it up a little bit. I did notice that all these goals are things that regular adults do in their normal lives without thinking but doesn’t everyone have a few grown-up things that they just can’t do?

One Response to “New Year’s Checkup

  • Oma
    January 26th, 2011 21:52

    Aren’t you doing quite a it of walking by taking Emmie to daycare and picking her up? Walking from bus/train to work. That walking counts!