New Year’s Checkup – March-ish

I expected to change my resolutions through the year but I figured I would change them because I conquered them. That is not the case. I have found that I conquered one, am still working on another and the other two are just not applicable anymore. So, here it goes:

  • Work on my skin: So, my skin is pretty awesome. It’s looking better and better. I’m not sure what else I can do except continue with the olive oil. I still have to put a little on after my shower, too but that’s not a big deal. I declare this complete!
  • Get my teeth in shape: Not going great. I am flossing about 3 times a week and brush at night about 5 days a week (every morning, too) but they still don’t feel great. Also, I have some stains and can’t use teeth whitening until I’m done nursing. I bought a new toothbrush head for my Phillips and it’s too soft (it’s a Target brand one). I think I’ll try using Olinga’s water pick and see if that cleans them better.
  • Eat more on the weekends: Let’s rename this Eating Better.
    • On the weekends and days off, I’ve been eating with Emmie and that’s been nice so I want to institute family dinner at least once a week. Olinga has said that if I give him 2 hours notice, he will make sure he’s hungry. The problem is that we have different tastes in food. I’ll try have something he likes but I may end up making him a sandwich. The important thing is that we eat together, not the same thing.
    • I would also like to eat more vegetables. I am severely lacking in this area. Getting a fajita burrito at Chipotle instead of a regular one is not enough. For a while I was making a little spinach, feta and garlic side dish that was delicious but I would only use up half a bag of spinach before it would go bad.
    • I have 2 more goals in mind for when the farmers market season opens and when I’m done lugging baby milk and baby food around every day.
  • Exercise sometimes: I’m going to rename this Get healthier. I realized that the reason I have been failing so much on this goal is that I am sick 5 out of every 7 days. I have a cold and cough right now. Having a child in daycare is really beating down my (already fragile) immune system. Exercise would probably help that but it’s hard to exercise when you can’t breath. I’m going to keep trying but this may not go. I’m also going to try to rest more and to get out more on the weekends, even if it is just to Target. This, plus eating more vegetables, might help me be healthier longer, which will let me exercise, which will help me be healthier….etc.

I have 3 blog drafts in my head and on paper (computer?) so hopefully it will start picking up around here.

One Response to “New Year’s Checkup – March-ish

  • Lacey
    March 19th, 2011 18:22

    I used to get sick ALL THE TIME in the winter thanks to day care. The first two winters were killer, but then this winter, I decided to take more vitamins–specifically vitamin D–and I have barely been sick at all. I’m not sure if it’s a combo of being more immune plus the vitamin or one or the other…but we’ve all been remarkably virus-free this winter. Hang in there!!!