Teeny Tiny Shoes

I have bought 7 pairs of shoes in the past 3 weeks. This may seem like a lot, but only 3 pairs were for me (which still seems like a lot). Yes, I bought 4 pairs of baby shoes* and I still need more. Emmie has very long, very narrow feet. Her socks are too short and baggy. I think the only reason her current shoes stay on is that the extra sock fabric is filling in the space where her feet should be. I may have to knit her a large number of socks in the near future to fit into her narrow shoes. The thing is, narrow baby shoes cost about $40 a pair and she will most likely grow out of them within 3-6 months. Since it’s really one of the only clothing expenses we’ve had so far, I shouldn’t complain so much but my inner cheapskate is horrified. The 3 pairs that I bought for myself were under $25 each and I plan to wear them for years.

She does come by her big feet honorably: both of her Aunties and her Oma Carla have size 10 feet and her Grammy Linda is a 9.5 AA. Not to mention her Daddy’s size 13’s. Her Grampa Dave has size 11 and I have size 7.5 but neither of us is tall enough to justify them. We won’t know if she’ll be tall for years, but I think her feet will always be large.

*baby shoes are necessary so that she doesn’t slip when she tries to stand up.

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