I love you more each morning

Lately I’ve been a little grumpy and tired and feel the need for a break so I’d like to remind myself why I’m doing all this. Why I clean up the toys and cook meals and buy expensive shoes.

It’s for this and this, and most of all, this

(I can’t embed pictures from Shutterfly in by blog)

Every morning Emmie wakes up a little cranky but after about five minutes (and some nursing) she is all smiles and squeals. She wiggles on the changing table and tries to get away from me while I put on her coat. She stares at people on the bus on the way to daycare and on the way home. I love using the baby pack because I get to have her so close to me for that time. We share body heat and I cover her little feet with the edges of my coat. When we arrive she immediately wants down to crawl and explore and find new things to put in her mouth. Before I leave, though, she makes sure we get a little nursing session to hold her over (and me, too) until I come back.

Those cheeks, those eyes, that hair, they make my heart beat and my eyes water.

I love you, baby girl.

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