Baby Sign Language Adventures

Emmie has been learning sign language for a while now from the day care and us. She knows more and milk. What’s funny is that I can never be sure if she’s signing or doing something else. When she does ‘more’, it looks like clapping with only her fingers touching and when she signs ‘milk’ it looks like she’s trying to grab for something. Lately she has decided not to use ‘more’ at all and just screams at me and then waves when I ask if she wants more.

I do love it, though because it helps me figure out why she’s crying. She doesn’t say any real words yet but she understands a lot.

One quick note, I’ve been trying to figure out how to do comments. If someone comments, should I comment back on the same post or email them directly? I’m thinking I should comment on the post and then email the particular person my comment.

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