Feeding a toddler

Emmie has very specific tastes and views about everything but especially food. She’s not picky, she’ll eat most things…as long as you don’t have something better. If I am in the kitchen or eating something, she screams until I give her some. If I don’t, she throws her body on the floor. Of course, she does this about 10 times a day so that’s not new. I usually give her a sippy cup to pacify her in order to give the microwave time to do its job. I try to make all her food in advance because of all of this.

Once in the high chair, she plays, eats, plays eats and screams. I have to pay very close attention because she will be eating very slowly and then all of sudden she’ll be out of food and screaming. She knows the sign for more but has realized that if I’m not looking at her, signing doesn’t do any good. So, she screams and then signs more when I look at her. I guess that’s a little better.

Her favorites are melon, strawberries, bananas – really any fruit – cheese and anything with cheese on it. Seriously, she could make a meal of fruit and cheese and be blissfully happy. I cut up peaches and other fruits into baby size pieces and freeze them so I can just defrost and serve. Cheese I shred and she just stuffs it into her mouth in large handfuls.

The one problem with serving her fruit and cheese is that if I have something else, she wants that. And she screams about it. I have figured out that if I give her a tiny bite of my food, she will eat several bites of her own food before demanding more of mine. I have taken to eating very quickly in order to get rid of temptation. Even if we’re eating the same thing she sometimes thinks mine is better and demands it.

Yes, she really does scream this much. Luckily, it’s not really that loud or ear-piercing as some kids’ screams but I’m still hoping it’s just a phase and once she can say ‘more’, she’ll stop screaming. Right?

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