My First Grease Fire

Olinga pointed out that I hadn’t posted in almost a year so I thought I’d break my silence with a fire. Yay!

So, I was heating some oil in a pot while chopping vegetables. Emmie was helping by handing me bowls. I heard a FWUME and turned around to see flames shooting out of the pot onto the microwave.



I yelled to Emmie to go find her daddy and slammed a lid on the pot. I found out later that Olinga had come out when he heard the alarm, scooped her up and fled to the bedroom. It took a bit to find the smoke detector but after fanning it and opening windows, the smoke started to dissipate. Hopefully the smoke in my lungs will start to fade as well.

I’m proud of my cool in the face of emergencies like this and of Olinga’s trust that I would take care of the issue or ask for help if I needed it. I’m also proud that Emmie listened even though she was terribly scared and was heading to her daddy when he found her. Next time, though, I’ll figure out where the smoke alarm is before a fire happens because that noise was scarier than the fire for all of us.

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