Pollution Problems

In February I moved from Chicago to Minneapolis. It’s a little cooler here and a little less frantic but otherwise it’s a similar culture and climate. But over the last 6 months I have noticed a few things that I can only chalk up to the decreased pollution.

Skin Issues

Emmie has my very, very sensitive skin. We both need fragrance free everything or we get a rash. I had been rubbing her down with Vaseline every night since she was born or her skin got pink and pebbly. If I forgot for more that one day she got red lines under her knees and elbows. I used (fragrance free) body oil after showers and hand lotion after washing.

When I was pregnant, I developed rosacea. It started out looking like little red spots and just got worse. I got very sick of people asking if I just come in from outside. I got a cream from the doctor that mostly helped but I was still pinker.

Since moving to MN, neither of us have had skin issues. And we moved in winter when it is the driest. Occasionally, I will have to doctor some spots on Emmie’s legs or moisturize my hands but for the most part we are cured. I even stopped using my rosacea cream because it was drying out my skin too much.


Every winter since she was born Emmie has gotten sick in October and had a night cough until spring. We would run humidifiers, rub VapoRub all over her and it wouldn’t help. I would take her to the doctor and they would say that it was viral and it would go away. It never did. Until we moved here.

Emmie has not coughed at night since we moved here. She’s been sick, she’s snored (she snores all the time) but none of those dry, body racking coughs that would keep me up at night with worry.

We moved here for a lot of reasons and I am so glad we did for a lot of things I didn’t expect. This is one of those things.

We are spending a lot less on chapstick, too.

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